Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Joy of Life

The only way I can think to connect this post to decorating is by first inserting a picture of Ellen DeGeneres's incredible ping pong table--one that I wish I could put in my own house, but I know that it won't be too kid friendly in our remodeled basement (above).

When I drive my kindergartener to school, I listen to a radio program on NPR called "This is the Story".  Today the host interviewed Sarah Churman.  She received an implant to help her hear for the first time last fall.  I am now bawling my eyes out after watching her video on UTube, and then watching this clip from Ellen DeGeneres's show when she interviewed Sarah in October.

What joy!!

Watch out for the raunchy videos on the sidebar that come up with this--yikes.

Ellen is so generous to Sarah.

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