Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration Board

I knew right away when I saw this kitchen that I was going to keep the cabinet color.  It is similar to a Behr paint color called "green sleeves".

I also knew that the kitchen was a little like Julia Child's kitchen in Massachusetts.  I used pictures of her kitchen to make this inspiration board while we were waiting to take possession of the house and planning how to spend our money on the remodel.

So far we have

1. Removed the wallpaper and paint walls/trim
2. Added the island and office nook cabinets
3. Added granite countertops
4. Switched out the lighting
5. Jon put in the tile backsplash
6. Refinished the parquet floors
7. Put in new gas cooktop, oven, dishwasher, and microwave
8. Jon plumbed the new sink, faucet, and garbage disposal together
9. Installed new lighting
10. Installed a hidden sliding garbage/recycle system in a cabinet

We still need to
1. Paint the island and office nook cabinets
2. Fix some of the plug covers to hide rough tile edges
3. Ask the appliance store eight more times to add the missing oven vent cover and broken lights
4. Get a chair for the built-in desk
5. Add window treatment and other accessories to make things pop


  1. I just wanted to ask you a quick question about kitchen back splash. How did the paneling hold up in your old kitchen and what did you decided to use for this one? I am still mulling over my crazy kitchen a ton.

    1. The paneling was great! Paneling is made of engineered wood and so it protects your sheetrock and framing from water and stains really well. It was so easy to install and I could paint it the exact color I wanted which was a bonus. The paint didn't stick as well as I wanted--even after sanding the paneling--and so I had to touch it up before we got ready to sell, but that wouldn't keep me from doing it again.

      On this house, I didn't want the cottage look again. I knew that white tile on the diagonal would look good from trying different options on I found boxes of white 4x4 tiles at the ReStore for cheap (these are inexpensive anyway) and Jon was willing to install them using his uncle's tile saw. It took more time to install, but didn't end up being that expensive.

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  3. Sounds sensational! Some vision I have. I thought you were going to have to do something with the blue cabinets, but they look so beautiful in your plans.