Thursday, February 9, 2012

Classic Nurseries, Part 2: Three Items You Don't Need, Cool Rocking Chairs Nursery Images

Okay.  So the first thing to address with decorating a classic nursery is what you don't actually need (for example, half the stuff in this picture above).  I am writing this post partly to myself 9 years ago.  There are larger items sold in stores for the nursery that most people naively thing they must have, only to find out when the baby is six months old that these things aren't that great.  Here they are . . .

#! Rocking Chair--Get an armchair and ottoman/chaise lounge/loveseat instead

DON'T BUY A GLIDER!!  Think of where you would rather sleep in the middle of the night--a glider??  Instead, buy an upholstered piece of furniture large enough for you to comfortably doze in.  Babies quickly outgrow the width of a rocking chair.  They are extremely uncomfortable for a mom feeding a child in the middle of the night.  They take up a lot of space with the runners.  Often they are ugly too.

Instead, think about getting an armchair with an ottoman, a chaise lounge, or a loveseat.  They can be expensive as well, I know.  But they are going to be useful in other rooms later on, they will be very comfortable for you in a sleepy haze in the middle of the night, and great for story time when baby gets older., Natalie Clayman Interior Design

#2: Diaper Holder and Changing Table--Store diapers at easy reach in three drawer dresser instead

You will need to keep the diapers near wipes and rash ointment, and all of these need to be within arm's reach of the changing area.  You can't walk across the room to get this stuff while your newborn is laying three feet from the ground and could fall--even if you have a buckle.  It's that simple.  

I recommend a three drawer dresser rather than a changing table (changing tables are at the thrift stores all the time because they are so temporary), and that top drawer in the dresser is the best place for holding diapers.

nursery_dresser_highres.jpg, "Nesting: Cookie Interiors"

#3 Heavy Things Hung on Wall Above Crib--Get Safety Creative Instead

Your child will grow faster than you can imagine.  You will have to take stuff like this (below) down once your baby is around 6-9 months old.  They wake up before you can come and get them, and once they can roll over and pull themselves up, these decorations above the crib are a real hazard.

Sage & chocolate damask nursery decorating, "Drooling Over Damask Nursery Decor in Chocolate and Sage"

Look at how many other ways you could decorate the wall behind the crib!!!, "Greta's baby nursery featured in", "Nursery Wall Ideas: Above the Crib", "Nursery Wall Ideas: Above the Crib", "Nursery Wall Ideas: Above the Crib" 

Next in the series is a post about trendy decorating going on right now in nurseries that will date your decor and drain your wallet.

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