Monday, February 13, 2012

Classic Nurseries, Part 3: Trends to Avoid

Classic nurseries reflect the style of mother and baby instead of the decade the baby is born in--more "you" than "2010s".  A classic nursery can provide items you can use to decorate with in later years.  But this is hard to do.  Most of us end up (including me with my three children in years past) chasing current trends to put in our baby's room, not realizing how temporary our decorations will be.  Here are some trends to avoid:

1. Too much damask (and too much pink)

2. Vinyl lettering (and too much pink)

3. Any strong pattern on the walls (and too much blue and brown)

There is a special place for MURALS and CLOUD CEILINGS.  Somehow, these end up being decade trapped no matter WHAT decade they are done in.  I would invest in framed artwork instead.

The Decorate the nursery with murals- pirate

And here is a great website that I found for decorating your nursery.

"Our design services specialize in creating unique nurseries, children's rooms and playrooms influenced by adult design. We believe that children's rooms should be playful yet harmonize with the rest of your home. "

Exactly what I would recommend!

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