Monday, February 6, 2012

Coronado Vacation Inspiration

Jon and I went to San Diego over this weekend for my friend Angie's wedding.  We really enjoyed being at such a joyful event!!  Congratulations Eric and Angie!!  We also enjoyed getting away to a warm place without the boys--for a short while.  The time away gave us a chance to think "big picture" about raising our family and enriching our own marriage.

Congratulations Angie and Eric!

I also had the chance to see some beautiful things that inspired me for our own home.  We stayed at the Marriott Coronado Resort in a room like this, with a view of the San Diego skyline and an easy path to the island boardwalk.  We loved it!!, Marriott Coronado Island Resort

What really helped with my current project of our basement bathroom was the color scheme of the hotel, specifically the doors to each room from the hotel breezeway:

Entrance to room at Marriott Coronado Resort, and my husband :)

The blue, white, and grey is well done here . . . I can see these colors translated into a wall color, tile, and cabinet color.  Maybe a little too nautical though for a Salt Lake City bathroom?

new floor plan and new color scheme for basement bathroom

Sigh.  After another visit with my plumber this morning, and Jon and I have to make a final decision on where we want the tub and toilet.  We have to move at least one drain for this project.  And now this morning I've also had the energy to come up with a second floor plan to choose from, thanks to the respite and inspiration of Coronado (see above).

I'm so glad to have more creative energy today.  I do wish though that we were going back to Coronado soon . . . 

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