Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mud Room Progress

Jon and I were so burned out from spending late nights on the house before we moved in last fall.  This weekend, we got our energy back and made some progress on the mud room.  Here is the inspiration board that I created as the goal for the room:

I re-stained some of the tumbled travertine that didn't weather well when we put the grout in.  I also sealed the grout and tile.

Then we needed to put trim around the doorways.

We recycled paneling from the basement to put in the mud room.  This picture below doesn't show the trim we put in at all, but we now have the chair rail and the baseboards installed.  We spent many hours cutting and nailing all of these trim pieces, and then patching the nail holes to get ready to paint the whole bottom half white.  The green paint doesn't look so garish to me anymore.

Hooks are on their way in the mail (love internet ordering!) and so is the lantern light fixture I ordered to go with the vintage one we already have in the hallway.  Yay!

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