Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hall Bath Surprise

Today I went to a small and pricey thrift store on a whim.  I have found great art there before, but I never expect the same great find twice.  Happily, I found these three framed prints with mats that are just the right color for the hall bathroom.  I bought them for $15 total, and suddenly felt energized to hang the bathroom mirror that has been sitting around for about 4 1/2 months.  Here's what I got:

Hall Bath 3/2012


This bathroom has had a surprising amount of work done to it:

1. Newly set toilet (love a toilet that doesn't rock when you sit on it!)
2. New quiet close toilet seat
3. New sink faucet
4. Tub bucket trap replaced
5. New exhaust fan, vented to the outside instead of into the attic
6. Wallpaper removed
7. Skim coat over the top half of the walls to make the walls ready for paint
8. Paint the top half of the room, ceiling, door trim
9. Sink and tub sprayed with a new enamel
10. Sink sprayed again after a contractor accidentally scratched/shredded newly sprayed sink with his tools

Hall Bath 9/2011

Big improved from when we came to look at the house six months ago.  Pat on the back for us!  I've decided the room won't be complete until I paint the top half of the walls a green similar to the green tile floor, but not right now.  We'll enjoy looking into a mirror for now.  Jon might shave in there now since we don't have a mirror in the master bath . . .

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