Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Artwork for the Entryway

Sometimes I put on my "fine artist" hat.  Getting a degree in interior design blessed me with many art supplies and a know-how with art paper, sketching, and painting.  So when I found these huge framed art prints from a Salt Lake hotel at "The Restore" for $5 each, I snatched them up without any concern for the duplicate prints inside that doesn't go with the colors in my home.

Originally I was going to buy some photographs of Mount Olympus.  I even found a talented artist willing to sell photos to me for a low price.  But economy prevailed, and I thought that the art supplies sitting in boxes might come in handy.  Many trial runs later, and a change in subject matter, I painted this:

The boys were inspired and wanted to paint too:

And now I have this in my entryway using $5 frames (double mat included) and a few acrylic paints:

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