Wednesday, April 11, 2012 Great for Landscaping

Love!!  I've used it to design my own home, and now I use it for landscaping ideas as well.  Here is a house with a similar street address to mine, but in Merrick NY instead of Salt Lake City:

You can see that the tree in the middle of the front lawn is covering up too much of the house, and the asphalt driveway that doubles as a walkway to the front door can use some dressing up.  In 20 minutes, I made this:

91088_286x200 potential for curb appeal

What a turn-around a stone walkway would be, matching bushes on each side of the front door, removing the tree in the middle of the yard (not the trees in the parkstrip or the far corner), and planting some bushes under what is probably a living room window to the right of the front door, and a tall tree at the corner of the house??

What fun to tinker for just a few minutes with the landscaping for a home for free!

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