Monday, April 16, 2012

Tools of the Trade: Digital Camera and Tripod

This is the inexpensive Costco camera that I am using right now.  It suites me for pics of the kids and my decorating projects/clients/blogging.  I aspire to have a more expensive one with a wide angle lens for pictures of rooms.

Fujifilm Finepix JX300 14 Megapixel Compact Camera

Digital cameras are amazing.  I earned my design degree back in 2002, and the photography class that I took was with a prehistoric camera where I manually set the F stop and the zoom etc.  I took pages and pages of class notes about each setting.  We would show up to class each week with our photos developed into SLIDES!!  We would look at each students photo together as a class to critique.

Interior designers us pictures of rooms they are decorating as a reference.  My memory is never exactly on and I am surprised when I see a picture of a room that I've been  decorating to realize that the window is lower to the floor than I remembered, or I forgot about the fireplace being so deep.  I have flashes of inspiration once I see the photo of a room--I think this is because I am not so overwhelmed standing in the space and feeling the third dimension.

53-Inch Camera Tripod with Bubble Level (Silver)
53-Inch Camera Tripod with Bubble Level (Silver) by Samsung

Tripods are a must.  Photos of a room with a flash look cheap.  The tripod steadies the camera so that as it opens the shutter longer to get enough natural light, the photo won't blur.  I blogged about this in great detail last year here (see item #2).

My tripod was around $20 at WalMart several years ago.  I'm still using it every week, like last week when I was trying out where and how high to hang art around the house:

So handy!

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