Thursday, May 3, 2012

Carpet is in! We have a basement again!

We went from this:

when we walked through the house Labor Day 2011

when we took possession of the house October 2011

To this:

And the boys celebrated by doing this:

Usually I am not happy to see this many toys dumped out at the same time, but tonight Jon and I were thrilled.  We've been waiting since we moved out of our old house last September (2011) to have this moment.

Pictures of the space actually decorated will come soon.  Like that door behind the boys where I experimented with some white paint late one night.  That will change to this:

Pinned Image
Amanda's Connecticut door-redo project via


  1. I love basements. It looks awesome! Great Job.

    1. Thanks Holley :) We're still trying to add furniture. But for now the carpet is divine!

  2. Wowzers. This is very dramatic!!! Yay for the boys!

    1. Thanks Carol :) We love going down there now--no more heavy shoes to protect the feet from construction!