Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The House We Almost Bought Last Summer

Talking with my friend this morning about all the yard projects we need to do reminded me of the landscaping we were going to do to a house that we were under contract to buy last summer.  I was going to go very modern with the interior, whitewash the orange brick, and the landscaping would have been more Mediterranean.  Here is the inspiration board that I made while we were sweating bullets trying to get our house sold:

1950s Ranch
the house we never bought

Because we hadn't sold our house yet, but still put an offer on what we thought would be a great diamond in the rough, ultimately we had to back out.  Now we feel that not selling our house in time to buy was divine intervention.  This house that we have bought is so much better for us in many many ways.  Better streets, better floor plan, better neighborhood, closer to my mom who is in a wheelchair, more secluded.

Here is the style for the living room, which had 2 8' sliding doors out to a wonderful back patio.  The idea was sparse decoration, white walls, dark metal stair rails and black framed window/doors:

Living Room
the living room we never lived in

The funny thing is, the realtor and I spoke later, and she said that they ended up selling the home for even less than we offered, to more difficult buyers.  I have driven past the home since and there hasn't been ONE THING that has been changed!  So much potential there still waiting to be discovered.  Funny.

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