Thursday, May 17, 2012

Roses and Molly

As much as our yard needs help, there are clues all around that a fantastic gardener once lived here.  Molly owned our home for 50+ years.  I have a hard time stepping into her shoes.  My neighbor remembers going to a bridal tea for Molly's daughter, Nanette, here in the home.  Ribbon sandwiches were served and items from Nanette's trousseau were displayed in each room accompanied with a bouquet of fresh cut flowers.  My own memory of Molly's flowers comes from when I was a little girl.  We went to church right down the street from here, and each Sunday Molly brought a beautiful big bouquet of flowers she cut from her yard for the congregation to look at during the services.  

Here are the roses that I cut out of the yard today:

They smell heavenly!  I wish I had more vases to bring more inside!!


  1. Gorgeous!!!! This is my kind of thing. I am so happy for you. I didn't know you had that kind of a yard. That is my favorite way to arrange roses. We don't have the open, aromatic rose variety available here...for purchase. Yummy!

  2. I could grow them but it would take years.

  3. When we first saw the house, I sort-of rolled my eyes about the 40 foot rose hedge along the driveway because so MANY 1950-1960 homes have these and they end up looking very gnarly and Victorian. But a landscape designer told us that her clients are always happier with their roses when there is something planted at the bottom of them--like hostas, catmint, or lavendar etc. We're planning to add one of those plants all along the rose hedge in the future to see if that softens the look.