Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Someday Studio for Meeting with Clients

Here is a computer rendering I did yesterday to plan out the furniture arrangement for my Someday Studio:

Computer Rendering of my Someday Studio

But, right now I need to set up a temporary studio so that all the boxes of design supplies have a "home".  We have an empty bedroom in the basement that is 13' x 16' with two clothes closets, but that will ultimately be used as a bedroom or guest room (we DO have three growing boys) and will be great for now:

The room that is perfect for a studio, because it has a separate outside entrance (see the stairs behind that screen door in the background?), is still in ruin, but will be my studio someday:

So, for now, I will use the nice bedroom downstairs, and only put the furniture in it that I know will also work in the Someday Studio.  I need:

work table for laptop and papers and client meetings, with this look

2 nice bookcases

some of my renderings hung on the wall, "Win It: A Custom Home Rendering"

I can't wait to finish unpacking the rest of our house and to be able to work like a normal person with plenty of room that we have never had, in an official (even if temporary at first) studio!

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