Monday, May 21, 2012

Tools of the Trade: Pen and Ink Architectural Rendering

While Jon and I were at the CNU in Florida, I was able to take some architectural rendering classes.  I felt very at home and satisfied sitting in sessions surrounded by landscape architects, artists, and architects!  One class was about pen and ink rendering techniques, where we learned the details of drawing like this:

Fig. 41

We were GIVEN (walking away with these tools really endeared me to the "art room" at the conference!!) fodder, Pentel sign pen, Pilot Razor Point II, and Micron 005.  I have worked with Microns since college and they are fantastic because they don't run when you add Prisma marker on top.  The sign pen was a dream--not as thick and smelly as a permanent marker, but thick enough that you feel free to really be fast and messy.  The razor is a thickness in between the sign pen and the micron.  Perfect!  The best advice I got was to practice and practice and to start small, as small as a 3x3" sketch book.

Frank E Wallis,

These pen and ink drawings are supposed to be great for traditional style architecture because there is a clear definition between inside and outside.

Fig. 44

I was also able to go to a watercolor, sketch-up, and ipad rendering class.  I was in heaven!!  More posts about those later.

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