Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Decorating with Sculpture, Statues, and Busts with Pictures

Today I taught my boys about Inuit art.  This week our topic is the animals of the North and South Poles, and we always learn about art on Tuesdays.  Inuit art is unique and simple:

Artist:  INUIT SCULPTURE, Title: Polar Bear   Quaraq Nungusuitoq - click on image to enlarge
Polar Bear by Quaraq Nungusuitoq

And I got to thinking about how to display sculpture, statues, and busts in your home:

eclecticrevisited.com, by Maureen Bower, "Variety of Console Table Decorating Ideas"

Sculpture and statues are more often in gardens--in exteriors:

thecultureconcept.com, "French Country Style--Provence is c'est magnifique!"

But inside your home, sculpture and statues can make a room feel grand and unique:

eclecticrevisited.com, by Maureen Bower, "developing ambiance . . . " 
cococozy.com, "Shop Watch: Relaxed Elegance Reigns . . . "

 Refined--and maybe a little institutional:

houzz.com, Classic Touch: Decorating with Sculpture
Or so classic:

centsationalgirl.com, "Thrift Store Highboy: Elegant Up Do"

And so vintage:

littlegreennotebook.com, "Book Club: BHG Decorating Book"

 Sculptural busts go particularly well on bookcases, even in contemporary decorating:

real living July 2009
And the new age feel of a full scale sculpture goes so well in modern decor:


Here is a wall sculpture:

homeinteriordesignthemes.com, "Dorm Decorating Ideas From the Room of a 21-year-old Designer"

And a crafty dollar store sculpture:

dollarstorecrafts.com, "Make a Teacup Sculpture"

So classic!

lonnythe glamouraimartha stewart via 6petals.blogspot.com

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