Monday, July 2, 2012

Master Bath Finished!!

When we bought our house, the master bathroom became our biggest project.  The rocking/unset toilet sent water out through the floor and down into the basement when it was flushed, and the shower was leaking into the basement as well.  The sink had no p-trap on it.

master bath, before

We quickly got to work on the toilet, doing some disgusting detective work.  Jon removed the toilet, and shined a flashlight into the pipe.  We found a ball of old bandages about 4" down.  Yuuuuuuck.  But easy to clean out.

master bath, toilet detective work

Then we gutted the whole thing, saving the sink and toilet and medicine cabinet.

master bath demo

We couldn't believe how much dust and trash the demo made.  We had to take many trips to the dump.  Soon though, we had framed in the second door that went into the kitchen, bought the tile for the shower and floor, had the plumber get the plumbing ready, and an electrician to check over the wiring.  Then our sheetrocker (Dave--he's amazing) took over.  We thought we were nearly there after the tile was installed, but I still had to shop around for the shower glass and install the wainscotting (myself--over Thanksgiving 2011 weekend).  We hoped to end up with this:

But then the bathroom sat.  And sat.  While we worked on the basement, the mud room, the cabinets in the hallway.  And in the meantime, our kids were scared of coming in here because of the hole in the wall for the medicine cabinet.  I didn't like having to dig my blow dryer and brushes out of boxes sitting nearby in our bedroom.

And then, last week Jon and I agreed that the $100 I spent on wallpaper wasn't what we wanted.  So, I mixed up paint from our growing collection to create my own "Behr Silver Drop".  I got rid of 5 paint cans in the process!!!  I love saving money and using up spare stuff in the process!  I cut in around the whole room 2x last Tuesday night, rolled the rest of the paint onto the walls plus hung the medicine cabinet on Wednesday, aired out the room on Thursday and Friday, and then we hung the storage cabinet and art on Saturday--as we drum rolled with our 9 year old.  SO EXCITING!

master bath, before

Our next project for the month of July is the master bedroom.  Hurray!


  1. It looks awesome! Well done.

    1. Thanks Holley!! How are YOUR projects coming?? Did you order the roman shades?