Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Master Bedroom Progress

 Jon and I have been waiting so long for our bedroom to feel like this (above)!!  When we came to look at this house last Labor Day (2011), this is how the master bedroom looked:

The day we took possession of the house, we removed the curtains and floor-to-ceiling mirrors!  We knew that the room had so much potential.  Then, over the next few months before we moved in, we had the window replaced and the 2' deep closet (to the right but not in the picture) turned into the mud room, added a walk-in closet, Jon painted the ceiling/walls/trim, I put in a new light fixture, and we had carpet installed.  Then we moved in and started working on the basement and other projects around the house.  We've been living with it like this for the last 6 months:

So this past week, I've been able to hang new charcoal panel curtains (from Target for $18 each!), rearrange the furniture (adding the Campaign Table next the the thrifted leather banker's chair), hang our framed Williamsburg sketches on each side of the window, switched the fabric on our bed pillow (notice the patriotic pastoral scene), and cut some fresh flowers.  Here is the progress:

And some success on the other wall where the closet used to be . . . I've hung the mirror, put up some wall lamps, accessorized the dresser, finalized the spot for the full length mirror:

Mmm.  Now back to my boys and summertime.

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