Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Master Bedroom

The month of July, we decided to make our bedroom the goal.  We've finished our bathroom . . . so why not get our bedroom feeling good too before it gets cold again and busy with the kids in school?  I thought that I just needed to get this done:

Master Bedroom
Original Quick Ideas for the Master Bedroom

Hang up some curtains, get out our already brown upholstered headboard, put up some art that we already own, find the right fabric for our bed pillows, and paint our bookcase so that it isn't the same color as the walls.  But then I saw this inspiration photo:, "Gorgeous Gray and Gilded Decor and Accents"

My heart melted, and I worked for the next few hours to find out if I could get our bedroom to have the same look.  I came up with this:

Inspiration Master Bedroom
Last Night's Ideas for the Master Bedroom

Oh man.  I can't get all of this done in the next 20 days.  I would need to re-upholster the headboard or sell ours and buy a different one, buy and hang a new light fixture, buy different curtains instead of making the ones I had planned with fabric I have already bought, hunt down an amazing bookcase/hutch and paint it cream, re-matt the Williamsburg sketches that I just hung up--oh, and find a skinnier brass lamp to go on the nightstand.

We'll see.


  1. That is the exact headboard Paul and I are doing. There is one on Crate and Barrel and plans online. Our room has grey walls with silver and gold and white details, similar to the lovely shots above. We are loving it more and more with every improvement.

    1. I KNEW there would be plans online! Are you using the ones from centsationalgirl? So easy: no sewing, just a staple gun for finishing the edges. I want to hear how yours turns out!!