Thursday, July 5, 2012

Retro Bird Art Illustrations in All Styles of Decorating

So, at my local thrift store last week, I was hunting for art that I could put in my master bathroom.  I gave up at the store quickly when there wasn't much art that day to choose from and my three boys were with me creating trouble.  When I took them to the book section, I was happy to find this book for $1!!

Album of North American Birds
$2.99 OBO at

Most of the right side pages have beautiful color illustrations (26 total!!) with a caption that has the name of the bird and it's size.  I can't wait to frame a whole wall of them.  They could look sort of like this one on the bookshelf in our master bedroom in our old house:

And the great thing about framed nature illustrations, is that they are pretty timeless.  You see them all the time at antique stores:

clausen thrift annex, oakland antique store, oakland thrift store
Clausen House Thrift Shop via

Framing could be done with black and gold to mimic an antique:, "Exotic Antique Reproduction Naturalist Framed Art . . ."

The best part is that there are so many types of decorating that bird art works with:, "Decorating with Yellow"

Newman Home Decorating Den Interv, "Home is Where the Heart Is", "How to Create Sharpie Wallpaper"

Magpie-Jay Art Print, "Magpie Jay Gold"; "A Vintage Bedroom"

bird art white space bhg, "Decorating White Spaces" by Centsational Style

Now that I've been able to use my existing art for the master bathroom, I can dream of filling up some other wall in the house with this art . . .

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