Thursday, December 27, 2012

I'm Back and Designing my Laundry Room!

Before I perfectionize so much that I don't even post this, here is my latest design of our laundry room!!

If I still like this design in a few days, then I will be ready to get bids from my electrician, sheetrocker, and flooring salesman (my dad) in order to forge ahead.  Wahoo!  My only concern is that I haven't come close to adding anything that I like from my inspiration photo:, "Laundry Rooms"

The room is still bare to the studs--including the ceiling--except for one wall.  There is mismatched furniture to hold overflowing sewing and laundry supplies.  The floor is still bare concrete:

We will need to:

1. wire outlets and lighting
2. remove the last framing left from an old stand-up shower
3. frame the back wall along the foundation for sheetrock
4. have the room sheetrocked
5. install baseboards
6. paint
7. install 1960s ceramic top metal enameled sink that came with the house
8. install the 2 base cabinets and counter-top that will go next to the freezer
9. move everything out and have the flooring installed (sealing the asbestos tile)
10. move everything back in, including the freezer and new bookcases

Tuh-da!  Can't wait to get going!!

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