Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Laundry Room Coming Along . . .

supply air line run (heat vent)
old shower wall torn out
back foundation wall framed
1x2s added to the plumbing wall 2x4s
receptacles (plugs) wired
floor swept mopped with bleach (we found old mouse poop again--yuck!)
washer and dryer tops disinfected

laundry room in progress, view from hall

laundry room progress, view from foundation wall

To Do:
pull some receptacles to proper depth
get box for phone wire that I insisted on keeping
put up plastic around door and all over carpet to protect from sheetrock mess
wait for Dave to come to sheetrock
prime and paint (stripes!)
install flooring (linoleum probably)
install and paint baseboards
wire plugs
remove 1950s metal/cast iron sink from basement kitchen and install in here
paint bookcase
paint desk pieces, assemble, install
install wall lamps
install shelves and hooks for laundry area

The finished product will look something like this, only waaaay better.


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