Monday, August 12, 2013

Does My Style = My House Style?

I live in the mountains.

I play the guitar.

I collect old things.  

White Bud Vase Collection,  Milk Glass Vases, DIY Wedding Decor Shabby Chic Table Settings  Centerpiece

I practice my cursive handwriting.  

Journal Page

I cook from scratch., "Baking Tips..."

I'm keeping my durable leather couch we bought years ago.  


I sew.  

vintage fabric collection how to store old fabric

I ride my bike.

I refinish furniture.  

Brass furniture hardware before cleaning tarnish.

I hang old light fixtures in new ways.  

Vintage Mid Century Swag Cut Glass Hanging Swag Lamp Pineapple Globe Only. . Lamps photo

I buy quirky art.

AND I live in a 1960 Ranch.  


Sometimes you have to step back after decorating for a while, and check your style with your house style...

I'll be doing this for then next few days, and I'll be making sure that Jon likes the look AND that the boys can't destroy it.

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