Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2013 Home with 4 Bedrooms, Part 3

This series is about a real living room in a home that is on the market somewhere in the US.  I keep the city confidential for the privacy of current and prospective owners.  Today I am making an inspiration board for what could go in this particular living room to make it look super good.  I'll have to invent the personalities of the prospective homeowners that I would have as clients, because this home is not currently occupied . . . We'll make the husband a dentist, the wife a graphic designer and passionate party thrower who loves children's literature.  Let's say they have a very young baby and are hoping to have more children in the future.  The room needs some color--especially if a graphic designer is going to live here.  Also, let's accentuate her love of parties and children's literature by doing something like this:

Here is what we are starting with:

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