Wednesday, November 6, 2013

1980 Home with 2,000 Square Feet, Part 3

Today I will show how to take this room from bland to dynamic!  Here is what we have started with:

front room; home built 1980, about 2000 square feet

This is my inspiration board, without changing the paint color OR flooring.  In fact, by selling the extra furniture that the homeowner doesn't need in this room, they could easily pay for these inexpensive Ikea bookcases, Ikea curtain panels, and an rug.

Isn't this an amazing turn-around??  Without even painting, the room looks better!  Just assemble some bookcases, add colorful things to the shelves, roll out a colorful rug, and hang up some bold curtain panels!

Tomorrow I'll break down where the furniture goes and what to buy . . .

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