Thursday, December 19, 2013

Cheap Artwork: A Picture Print by Currier and Ives

During the Christmas season, I have a flood of memories come back to me from high school.  I was a 2nd soprano in our Madrigal group my senior year and my junior year in an all girl's group called Highlites.  The Christmas season was our chance to shine as a group.  We performed at least once a day for 3-4 weeks, if not twice a day!  I was wearing the uniform of an expensive boutique dress like it were pajamas.  I have funny memories of clowning around with my friends backstage while waiting for our performance time, a false start by my bass friend Paul who sang out (really loud) "ding dong!" all by himself when it was the wrong time, and lots of extra homework to make up for the lost class time.  One of the songs we sang (as a girl's group) was "Sleigh Ride".  I have a vivid picture in my mind every time I hear the line "It'll nearly be like a picture print by Currier and Ives":

The Sleigh Ride by Currier & Ives, 1848;

A couple of weeks ago I ran to Saver's on my way home from getting groceries.  I quickly scanned the art section for anything that grabbed my attention.  I do this a lot at Savers because they display the art so well.  The DI just stacks it on shelves or in a big filing area and I have to pick through it slowly--usually with a 4 year old hanging onto me.  This is what grabbed my attention:

A set of four framed Currier & Ives prints for $2.99 each!  I hung them up that afternoon--which is unusual for me :)  Etsy has had similar prints for sale:

Etsy, Currier & Ives framed prints "Four Seasons"

Above, those green frames are amazing!

Etsy, Currier & Ives framed prints "Four Seasons"

Love this lot from Nadeau's, below:

Nadeau's Auction Gallery, Lot 339, Currier and Ives "Maryann"

Another worn but charming Etsy find:, "The Sleigh Race" part of set of two, sold

Whitewashed/Pickled frame for a winter scene:, "Winter Pastime"

I'm sure that mine are modern re-prints because the frames are certainly NOT as old as 1834-1907 when the company was in business.  They are just as charming though!

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