Thursday, April 17, 2014

Large Picture Windows with Panoramic View

Our living room has three large picture windows that look out to Mt. Olympus here in Salt Lake City.   You can see them here, from when we first saw the house on Labor Day 2011:

And in this picture from the curb when we were doing our concrete work a couple of years ago:

And when I did my rendering for the piano wall, I decided I could go for something like this:

Piano Wall White Matboard
Piano Wall Rendering

I really wish that I could snap my fingers and just *ding* have the room look like this.  It's just a matter of switching curtains, finding an armchair or re-working the wingback that I already own, glazing the windows, and getting rid of the shears in favor of the bamboo roman shades, plus finding some fun green blankets to put on the back of the leather couch.

The problem is, my whole furniture layout is now up-in-the-air because I found some delightful bamboo chairs at an estate sale a couple of weeks ago.  They look sort-of like this, only with mid-80s fabric and pillows:


Can't wait to figure out what to do in this darn living room!!

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