Thursday, September 25, 2014

Family Portrait

I live in a home full of non-girls--my husband and my three sons (que the music).  They would rather go out for pizza than have their picture taken.  So when I want a nice picture again of us all together, all of the planning is up to me!  I ask around, find a good photographer, I call and make an appointment, I pick the wardrobes, and put up with the complaining when everyone is getting dressed, and I stress out in the car wiping arms clean from the multiple stamps the boys got at the school fund raiser earlier today.

And all of it is okay, because at the end of it all, I have this:

And these:


Thanks for the amazing photos and for keeping "the boys" happy--FotoFly!  

(Pictures were taken at Thanksgiving Point.)


  1. Such great pictures, Natalie!!! I love them all!

  2. Thanks Carol! I'm really wanting the fern background now that a few days have passed. The weather turned bad THE NEXT DAY after these were taken--sort of our last chance for a summer background! So lucky :)